vendredi 3 août 2012

Egypt - Diving in the Red Sea

Among the different aquatic activities practicable in Egypt, the ones I couldn't miss were snorkeling and diving.

Snorkeling has always been a passion. Anywhere I go, I always try to find a place where I can put on a mask and a tuba to explore the underwater world! Specially in the Red Sea since the water in so clear and the corals only a few meters away.

But diving was another story! Several years ago during a holiday in the Dominican Republic, I took an initiation to diving class. After practicing the utilization of the oxygen bottle and the different technics in the swimming pool, the time had come for a real dive!! We all woke up early the second morning, super excited (I was super scared!!) took the boat and once in the middle of nowhere, the boat stopped and we had to jump!! After hesitating for almost 15 minutes (I actually started to consider my options from the moment I could't see the beach!) I finally stayed on the boat with the captains.
The long hours I spent waiting for the others to come back made me think and regret my decision.
I thought to myself: Next time I have the occasion, I will jump in the water! 

And that's why I couldn't leave Egypt hadn't I dived in the Red Sea!
It was such an amazingg experience!!

My uncle is a member of a diving club and they have a special kind of notebook where they check all the places they dived in. Since I had not taken enough classes to pass my diving license, I couldn't get one. So I decided to record all the places I would dive in here!


Red Sea - Check!

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