jeudi 2 août 2012

Egypt from my iPhone

Sharm el Sheikh, I can't think of a better place to build a touristic complex than at the meeting point of the desert and the sea!

From a birds' eye, the city can appear quiet artificial, however the first walk you take in the environment makes you forget about your first impression as you find yourself seeking for "exotic" activities in a bedouin environment.
In fact, in a city where everything is organized to take advantage of everyone one of there resources (be it the sea or the desert) you will hardly be able to stay inactive during the entire stay!

   1st glance at the city

Amazing view from the plane

We took a walk in the souks where you can find several products from the Red Sea such as soaps, salt, stones to clean the body... and had lunch in an unexpectedly delicious fish restaurant called Fares.

The best mango, mango juices and ice creams you'll ever have!!
(coming from someone who lived in Cote D'Ivoire for 10 years)

And of course the good amount of adventure you expect

Coolest neighbors!

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